“a wonderfully absorbing story about people worth caring about.”

The New York Times

Maeve Binchy’s Circle Of Friends

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20th Apr. - 14th May.

Big-hearted Benny Hogan, an adored only daughter and little orphan, Eve Malone, are best friends in the small rural town of Knockglen. On their first day at University College Dublin, their lives are turned upside down when they are introduced to the beautiful and sophisticated, Nan Mahon, and the handsome, Jack Foley. As love blossoms, Benny reluctantly boards the bus home every evening to Knockglen unaware of the trouble brewing within their new circle of friends. Set in 1950’s Ireland, this enchanting tale of first love, fierce loyalty and friendship, is a rich, resonant coming-of-age story, wrapped in the warmth of Maeve’s trademark compassion and humour.

As one of Ireland’s most successful writers, Maeve Binchy has sold more than 40 million books worldwide. The hugely successful film adaptation of the novel was made in 1995 starring Minnie Driver, Colin Firth and Aidan Gillian. Charting the lives of Irish women throughout the decades, Maeve’s sharp and insightful storytelling is still resonating with old and new audiences today.

Performance Information:

  • Circle of Friends deals with some adult content and themes so discretion is advised for parents bringing children under age 13
  • Running time is 2 hours and 20 mins including a 20 mins interval

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